Friday, 30 May 2008

Project plan

Project Name: Fundamental Mathematics Skills Revision and Development
Date: 2009
Organisation: Otgao Polytechnic Mathematics Team

  • Executive summary
    The purpose of developing such a project is to facilitate/improve the fundamental mathematics skills that can be utilized for some courses but unable to develop themselves due to lack of time and recourses. The project provides stepwise learning directions that can also be used for students, if they felt their mathematics are not up to the standard with the course.
  • Project background
    We (as the maths team at polytechnic) have been contacted by other departments numerous times before or during the course showing their frustration with their student’s lack of mathematics skill competency. But with the open entry policy and the limitation of the course arrangement, adequate mathematical skills of individual students are normally neglected (assumptions are made that all students are competent in Maths). Schools are not be able to remodel the course content to satisfy everyone’s need and with those students who are lacking the required mathematical skills may find it is difficult to keep up with the designed study pace.
  • Aims, objectives, outcomes
    Provides the mathematics services that can be supportive to students, help them to refresh/upgrade the maths skills they need and also facilitate the school making teaching of the courses less problematic.
  • Flexible learning analysis

  • What are the perceived flexible learning needs of the people that your plan is targeting?
    Give students the flexibility on “when, where, what and how” to learn maths.
  • What type of flexible learning services will you provide?
    Blended teaching style, some face-to-face help sessions, rest can be delivered via on-line.
  • enrollment;
    No enrollment necessary. The course is open to all Polytechnic students. who would like to improve their maths skills.
  • assessment;
    1. On-line quizzes;
    2. Blog writing, sharing thoughts and arise problems;
    3. Apply their maths knowledge to their related area, a research project on how important maths is in their area of study (e.g. carpentry students need to show competent skills on measurement and planning lumber purchases, eliminate as much material waste as possible etc.).

  • Indicate the type of services which already exist that compliment and/or compete with your plan.
    Develop a website that is dedicated to Mathematics Learning:
    1. Mathematical skills will be presented categorically on line. (Selecting the relevant categories in Maths that students can utilize in their area of study)
    2. Revision and exercises are also available on-line for students.

With support being provided from:
1. ”Blackboard” for discussion board, E-mail and announcement.
2. Group conferencing through MSN, Skype or Elluminate.
3. Web messenger provides an instant Q&A for urgent matters


Leigh Blackall said...

That seems like a good start Michelle. I'm hoping you can give more detail though. Perhaps you could tell us a short story scenario of a student who benefits from your development? Then I can help you extract from that story the key points in your design.

Chef said...

bring this a cookery tutor who also teaches food costing and purchasing a on line resource like this my students could access would be fantastic. I'm sure you have heard every tutor talk about the drop in the math skill level of school's true in our case.
Your help would be invaluable.
Cheers, chef steve.
If you have time would you comment on my plan and poll on my blog.